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Jon & Emil finish the Fall 2012 singles : Road Kill & Workin Girl.

Jon & Amir Aly at YLA studio May 19, 2011

Jon & Emil Isaksson (rec. eng./co-producer/musician) at Studio Möllan, Oct. 2009 hold their USB sticks of 'Fresh Tracks' CD.

First tracking days of 7th Jon Strider album at Studio Möllan June 2012

Pelle Jernryd tracking slide guitar on Apple Pie Song, at Amir Aly's YLA studio June 2009

Guitarist Pelle Jernryd & Jon taking a break at Amir Aly's YLA Studio June 2009

Jon teaming up with production wizard Amir Aly at YLA Studios June 2009

Maciej Szymczynski (bass), Jon & Rasmus Svensson (drums) at Studio Möllan March 2009

Jon & Mikael Gökinan at Studio Möllan March 2009

Guitarist Pelle Jernryd and Jon at YLA studio May 25, 2011

Pelle Jernryd, Amir Aly and Jon Strider : the Hit Team!

JS Keyboard session for Philip Montague (lead singer of The Slide) song October 18, 2012
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Jon Strider & The Offering Band after Omnichord concert event at Konsthallen, Malmö, 2004