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´to B ensemble

2010 Photo of Jon Strider & Vera Renella, founding members of 'to B ensemble'
JULY 2, 2014: 'to B ensemble' uploaded their magical self-titled, 12-song album on New Sky Records to Bandcamp (see link below) They have also made two live videos "Hey World" and "Leah's Flame" that can be viewed on UBeToo and YouTube. March 2013 marks the completion of the new video for their SoulSong "Light Touch" with film-maker Christian Jönsson.
Jon co-founded this groundbreaking, innovative musical group with vocalist, hammer harpist and co-writer Vera Renella in 2002. Their collaboration has produced astonishing compositions and a beautiful live act.
11 years strong, 'to B ensemble' continues to move the soul and spirit in captivating concert shows and in a groundbreaking healing/spiritual vehicle called SoulSinging. SoulSinging, co-created by Vera and Jon in 2005, transforms--always--and is ready to mesmerize your spiritual gathering, party or corporate event. If you are curious, write an email to and we'll get back to you.
WHERE 'to B ensemble' has performed:
FESTIVALS: Mundekulla Festival, Mössegården Festival, International Peace Day, Backanattan Festival, Earth Day; CHURCHES: St. Johannes, St. Pauli, St. Petri, Lund Domekyrkan; VENUES/EVENTS: Konsthallen, Goodnite Sun
'to B ensemble' can be hired as a duo (Vera and Jon), trio,
quartet or quintet featuring other, world-class instrumentalists. Direct your inquiry to :

'to B ensemble' Ascala Magazine Interview September 2013

The 'to B ensemble' was interviewed in September 2013 by Shaeen Svandede for Ascala Magazine. The interview is 3 pages long and can be accessed by clicking "Listen" below. (Note: there may be troubles viewing the article on newer Apple computers...)

'to B ensemble' : Band Members

'to B ensemble' / Jon Strider Band circa 2004 (L to R standing) : Marlon Tepedino, Ulf Radelius, Theo Hagman (L to R seated) : B.G. Sahlin, Jon & Vera Renella
D U O :
VERA RENELLA (vocals, percussion)
JON STRIDER(vocals,guitar,keyboards)

T R I O :
VERA & JON with JESPER LUND on bass balalajka. A consummate performer and instrumentalist who also plays with the world music ensemble Klezmophobia.
VERA & JON with MARLON TEPEDINO: Gifted percussionist and guitarist from Venezuela (Go to Marlon was integral in the recording of "Meet theOfferingband", their first 12 song CD.
Much of the tracking and all of the mixing of the album were done in his CoolGroove studio in Malmö, in addition to his wonderful percussion tracks. Listen too to his acoustic guitar solo at the end of "Living Fire".
Jon has co-written four songs with Marlon, and sang
two of them on Tribe Del Sol's (2008) latin/Pop CD, 'Mensajes'

Other 'to B ensemble'' alumni:
Faramarz Esmaildez : Iranina percussion
B.G: Sahlin : guitar
Ulf Radelius : bass
Theo Hagman : bass
Stig Berthelsen : 6 & 12 string guitar

REVIEWS of 'to B ensemble'

Jon & Vera admire Vera's classical hammer dulcimer (2010)
Impressions of Soullight Cafe live Offering show March 16, 2007
For Swedish review text go to

“Trying to roundup the energy and intensity
of 'to B ensemble' is just not possible to put in words. It must be lived!
Our advice to those who were not present last Friday is:
See 'to B ensemble' when they once again play at Soullight the 11th of May. It is an experience!

After having warmed up with a little music from their album, Jon and Vera tuned in on the energy in the place. From that resonance music was built and a
personal message was delivered to each and everyone of us, in a process Vera and Jon call SoulSinging. The result was an amazing unity of total harmony that we never have seen before.

The lovefilled energy that Jon and Vera surrounded us with quickly spread to the audience and the concert leveled up as
the “tone-ins” progressed and reached its peak when a spontaneous song was co-created by everyone present. By only using the audience suggested words “Together, Soullight and Tree of life”, some mutual magic was created.
You who were present know what we mean.

A huge thanks to 'to B ensemble' and to those warm souls that made the night a golden night!

In connection with this play we engaged..."
Tony and Kerstin, Malmö 16th of March 2007

Did you know that...
...that the word "dollar" has its origins in the Roman Empire?

From the gallery

Tim -Carlstedt and Jon Strider-Malmö Festival 2014