- Review by OLLE BREGGREN, renowned Swedish culture and music critic (English translation):
"He escaped Malmö last year to... California, but Jon Strider, Malmö's most popular US artist, (who still has his apartment in Malmö but is now quarantined in sunny California!) has been active, writing lots of new songs, (including) IN THE DAYS OF QUARANTINE co-written with Robin Factor....This song combines sunny California optimism with the technical wizardry of Swedish production maestro Amir Aly Yla Studios, säger Jon.
(For almost) 20 years, Jon Strider has lived in Malmö where he has written tons of songs and recorded.

REVIEWS of the BAR WARS album (released in November 2018, coming soon)

REVIEWS of SOUL REUNION (album) (New Sky Records, 2016)

"Strider (has just released) an absolutely brilliant album, SOUL REUNION. (This) album ties together the Southern California and Laurel Canyon bag of the early '70's (think Jackson Browne, JD Souther, Jack Tepchin, etc.) with with soulful U.S. country/folk, (Skip Edwards is featured on Hammond B3.)...Do not miss Jon's absolute best album - Out Now!"
- OLLE BERGGREN, from Kvällsposten, November 22, 2016

"...The response (to the SOUL REUNION record) has been very positive. Some have called it a masterpiece, and some songs, such as "Southern Sun", surprised even myself. And it's not often that I get surprised."
- YVONNE ERLANDSSON, Skånska Dagbladet, January 13, 2017

8.4 out of 10 points review! / July 2017 / Strutterzine:
" SOUL REUNION...Jon's 8th solo a very decent record that combines a lot of music influences, sometimes sounding like Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" (Love Is Real), but here and there also reminding me of Robert Palmer, and West Coast meets jazzy pop, and a little blues...It's a great melting pot...and Jon is a superb vocalist...(A) highly recommended album to check out. If you like old school singer/songwriter pop/rock with a soulful touch - like Van Morrison meets Billy Joel meets Robert Palmer - then you have to check out Jon Strider. "
- review by GABON KLEINBLOESEN, Strutterzine, July 2017
Rating - 8.4 out of 10 points

"7.5 out of 10 points for SOUL REUNION"
- Heaven Magazine, Netherlands, Sept!Oct 2017

REVIEWS of 'WORKIN' GIRL' (single) (New Sky Records, 2013)

5 Star Review *****
"...(WORKIN' GIRL) is a...pearl...of a countryrock smoker with a good melody and a strong chorus. A tough little thing that...spurs the...line-dancing feet!" - March 2014 Robert Ryttman/Countrywood

REVIEWS OF 'FRESH TRACKS' CD (album) (New Sky Records, 2010)

Pop with Jon Strider's 'Fresh Tracks', is a varied and mature album. The opening piece "Apple Pie Song" stands out, beautifully performed, as well as the touching "Midsummer's Day", with vibrant and uncomplicated poetry. His singing often evokes Jackson Browne or Tom Petty, and the ten titles performed here are very well worth the interest.
- Eric Supparo / Le Cri Du Coyote (English translation of French review Nov. 2010)

"Grownup, neat Americana - The first track on the album, 'Apple Pie Song', is simply terrific!"
- Petter Seander / Red Hot Rock Magazine Apr 2010

“Jon Strider proves, once more, with these ten ‘Fresh Tracks’ that he deserves his firm place between the best singer-songwriters of the era. The rest of the world should finally make an effort to get better acquainted with the wonderful songs of this great guy!”
- Valére Samperman / Rootstime - May 2010

"Upbeat country blues perfect for a rainy day
Apple Pie is the first track on FRESH TRACKS, full of rich flavours of country pop. With light and airy lyrics accompanied by friendly listening lap steel guitar playing, Jon’s smooth country tinged vocals sit comfortably on this self written track. Playing pump organ, piano, offering lead vocals, keyboards, synthesiser, acoustic and electric guitar, Jon flaunts his endless talents on his latest release, bringing joy to the hearts of his listeners. With all ten tracks penned by Strider, Jon displays how he is not only a fine musician but a superb writer, creating some of the sweetest melodies fitted with some poetic words, such as the wondrous Midsummers Day. "
- Charlotte Bones, Maverick Magazine (UK) July 2010

"The ten songs of Fresh Tracks show Strider at his finest, using wonderfully insightful, mature lyrics and sparse, effective production qualities to give each song the individual treatment it deserves.
From the rollicking opening of “Apple Pie Song” to the soulful coda of “There’s a Road”, Strider takes the listener on a ride that includes sojourns that run the gamut of emotions. When he softly sings about sitting under the Magnolia tree, you can close your eyes and actually feel the cool breeze on your face. When he talks about how working is for people that don’t know how to fish, it makes you want to stand up, quit your job and head to the bait and tackle shop.
Often times, a disc contains a handful of quality songs followed by a series of clunkers that fill out the second half. This does not apply here, as there is not one clunker in the entire bunch. Wonderfully written songs played by wonderfully talented musicians is a sure sign of a craftsman hard at work at his craft. From start to finish, Fresh Tracks is just that – crisp as a head of lettuce and cool as a cucumber."
--Michael "Supe" Granda, Nashville (USA)
August 2010

REVIEWS OF "WHITE WINGS" CD: March 13, 2009 Meadow Music Review

Review By: Niklas Aurgrunn

...As a solo artist he (Jon Strider) has released 5 albums, and recently I have been listening to the album “White Wings” which was released two years ago.

Jon Strider calls his music Rhythm N’ Folk, which feels rather appropriate. It’s quite pleasant to listen to the album, bringing a positive soft rock with influences from americana, blues and country. I can hear a little of Jackson Browne, some Eagles, Cat Stevens and a lot of vibes from the american early seventies. It’s a really good album with a lot of variation.
If you want to read and listen more you should visit Jon Strider’s site:
Here’s a couple of songs from “White Wings”:
At the Way Station
Coming Alive

"WHITE WINGS" CD / Tutte Le Recensioni (Italy) March 2008

Jon Strider – White Wings
(New Sky Records)
California based singer-songwriter Jon Strider has been around for a long time making albums, he’s got a pretty cool style where he mixes Tom Petty sounding midwest rock with modern country a la Vince Gill and a touch of Shawn Mullins singer-songwriter rock.

Tra i tanti cantautori che popolano il Midwest degli States, ogni tanto emerge qualche ottima proposta, è il caso di Jon Stridere, un cantautore che mescola il sound tipico di Tom Petty con spruzzate di country che rimandano ora a Vince Gill ora a Shawn Mullins. Il suo nuovo album White Wings è un disco dai contenuti molto introspettivi e sprituali e si lascia apprezzare per la grande sincerità compisitiva. Diversi sono i brani che brillano per la cura degli arrangiamenti come nel caso dell’iniziale At The Way Station, un interessante mid tempo country rock, o ancora di We Got Faith, una ballata intensa e suggestiva. Tuttavia non sempre tutto fila liscio e qualche ingenuità emerge qua e là, è il caso di Elvis Angel, di Walck Into The Light e Best Of Both Worlds. Sul finale però il disco trova altri momenti di grande interesse come la pacifista e orecchiabile Peace e l’intenso strumentale Flight. Una maggiore attenzione a livello compositivo e di arrangiamento avrebbe fatto di questo disco un album interessante, viceversa ci troviamo di fronte ad un disco che svela grandi potenzialità ma che in ultima analisi delude.

Salvatore Esposito
Track List

At The Way Station
In My Vera’s Eyes
We Got Faith
White Wings
Elvis Angel
Walk Into The Light
Best Of Both Worlds
Healing Power
Coming Alive

tutte le recensioni

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Rootstime Review (Belgium) of WHITE WINGS CD, October 2007

Quote : “What a pleasure it is to fly high in the clouds on the White Wings of Jon Strider and to forget about all day-to-day troubles. It is providing the best of ALL Worlds” - Rootstime, Belgium

Van deze Californische singer-songwriter wordt gezegd dat hij een mix brengt van de rockmuziek à la Tom Petty met moderne countrysongs à la Vince Gill en de moderne rocksongs in de stijl van Shawn Mullins. Je kunt er echt veel slechter aan toe zijn qua referenties. Zijn “Rhythm ‘n’ Folk”-liedjes over vertrouwen en geloof kan je inderdaad linken aan songs van deze drie genoemde artiesten, maar het blijft de verdienste van Jon Strider dat hij er één hoogst persoonlijke touch aan geeft. “White Wings” is zijn vijfde CD na “Strider…steps out” (1990), “Kindered Way Vol. 1” (1994), “Kindered Way Vol. 2” (1996) en “2000 Calling” (2000). Naast zijn solowerk heeft hij ook nog een full-time muzikantenleven in de groep “The Offering Band” en als producer of muzikant van een indrukwekkende lijst albums van andere artiesten zoals Paul Simon, Elton John, Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Carlene Carter, Dwight Yoakam, George Thorogood, Steely Dan, Tori Amos, John Hiatt, Little Feat and Whitney Houston . Privé besloot Jon Strider onlangs om naar Malmö in Zweden te verhuizen, even onverwacht als onlogisch, maar daar ligt hij niet van wakker. Zijn favoriete instrumenten zijn gitaar en keyboards en optreden is zijn langste leven. Ook in begeleidingsgroepen van o.a. Van Morrison, Mink De Ville, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker en Boz Skaggs speelde hij keyboards en verzorgde hij backing vocals. Al van bij het begin van “White Wings” merk je dat we hier een sterk album mogen beluisteren. Songs schrijven is blijkbaar ook nog een voorname kwaliteit van deze artiest. “At The Way Station”, “We Got Faith”, “Walk Into The Light”, “Best Of Both Worlds”, “White Wings” en “Coming Alive” zijn stuk voor stuk knap opgebouwde en goed geproduceerde songs. De stem van Jon Strider heeft ook die typische Zuiderse warmte die broodnodig is om goede countryfolk te kunnen brengen. Voor de muzikale begeleiding op “White Wings” heeft Jon Strider in Zweden gerecruteerd maar die Scandinavische invloeden zijn nergens terug te vinden in dit op en top Americana-album. Mooi werk.

"WHITE WINGS" CD, Groove Magazine Review, (Sweden), December 2006

GROOVE MAGAZINE Sverigesstörstamusiktidning pg. 30 Nummer 10 2006 (week 50 Dec. 11 – 27) (Sweden)
Review by Thomas Rodin (also see English transalation below)

White Wings
"Jon Strider har främst gjort sig ett namn som keyboardist och bakgrundssångare åt bland andra Eddie Money, Chuck Berry och Van Morrison. Han har på sina fyra tidigare album skapt sin egen genre som han kallar rhytm’n’folk och här bjuds vi på mer av den varan. White Wings är mitt första mote med Jons musik, och den får mig att undra hur jag kunnat missa de fyra första plattorna. För det här mina vänner är riktigt bra musik. Grooves som får en att minnas hur skönt det var att ligga i hängmattan I somras och veta att man hade hela semestern kvar framför sig. Enkla gitarrbaserade catchy låtar some sprudlar av sommar och liv. Det här är musik some borde tilltala er som gillar Marc Cohn, Neil Finn och för all del Joey Tempest solöventyr.
White Wings är inspelad I Skandinavien och Jon beskriver den själv som kronjuvelen i hans rhytm’n’folk-odysse. Särskilt bra blir det i inledande At the Waystation med sina drivande gitarrer och starka sang. Men det här är ingen skiva fylld med en massa självklara singlar, snarare ett helgjutet album utan några direkt svaga spår. Rena julafton för er som suktar efter lite soft rock med rötterna i det amerikaanska 70-talet."

ENGLISH TRANSLATION of Thomas Rodin's "White Wings" review:

' "Jon Strider has primarily made a name for himself as a keyboardist and background singer for such notables as Eddie Money, Chuck Berry and Van Morrison. As a solo artist he's released four previous records in the genre he calls Rhythm N' Folk

“White Wings” is my first meeting with Jon´s music, and it makes
me wonder how I could miss the first four albums, because this my friends, is really good music. Grooves that make you remember how good it was to lie in the hammock last July with your whole vacation in front of you.

Simple guitar-based catchy songs that bubble with summer and life. This is music that should inspire enjoyers of Marc Cohn, Neil Finn and Joey Tempest's solo adventure.

"White Wings" was recorded in Scandinavia and Jon describes it as the crown jewel in his Rhythm N' Folk odyssey. It gets really good in the introductory song “At The Way Wtation” with its driving guitars and strong voice. But this isn´t an album filled with just a lot of obvious singles, rather it's a complete, cohesive work without any weak tracks. It´s like Christmas for you who long for some smooth rock grounded in the American (19)70´s."'

3 STAR REVIEW of "WHITE WINGS" CD (Sweden) Dec. 2006 by KAJ ROTH

Jon Strider
"White Wings"
Producer: Jon Strider
Style: Singer songwriter rock (male)
Format: Album

Reviewed by: Kaj Roth

"California based singer/songwriter Jon Strider has been around for a long time making albums, he's got a pretty cool style where he mixes Tom Petty sounding midwest rock with modern country a la Vince Gill and a touch of Shawn Mullins singer/songwriter rock.
His lyrics are spiritual where the keyword is faith in many of his songs, the opening track "At the way station" could've been featured on a Tom Petty album while the second track "In My Vera's Eyes" reminds me of something Mark Spiro could've recorded on his latest albums.
The title track goes more in the modern country vein and even how strange it may seem because I'm not a fan of country music, the country ballad "White wings" is one of the highlights on Strider's new album.
Good piece of work!"

"WHITE WINGS" CD Trots Allt Review (Sweden) February 2007

Go to Link. Review is towards the bottom of the page there.

"WHITE WINGS" CD review by Michael "Supe" Granda (Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.) March 2007


"Several years ago, when California native, Jon Strider moved his Pacific Songworks studios from his Venice Beach, California home to his adopted home of Malmö, Sweden, he knew that new directions in his music would, naturally soon follow.
Strider’s latest effort,’White Wings” (on New Sky Records) is evidence of this melding of cultures. From the infectious opening beat of “At The Way Station” to the etherial closing of “Flight”, Strider captures a wide range of emotions, carefully assembled songs and insightful, cleverly written lyrics.
Highlights include ‘White Wings’ - “You don’t have to die to be an angel/ You just gotta try to shake it off/ Say a little prayer and wear your White Wings”, and ‘Best of Both Worlds’ - “I like to garden and dig in the dirt/ While you go to town to get a manicure/ But, when we walk, we’re hand in hand/ We got
the Best of Both Worlds”.
Though, this self-produced, eleven song disc is Strider’s first to be recorded in Sweden, it is plain to see that he has not forgotten his California roots. Assembling a wonderfully, Bohemian cast of Swedish artists and musicians Strider has been able to produce his American songs with a Scandanavian twist. Alongside engineer, Amir Aly, the two effortlessly weave rich textures of sound, that nicely compliment Strider’s musings and songwriting abilities.
Throughout his career, Strider has always chosen to work with some of the world’s finest artists - all who consider themselves worldly neighbors. 'White Wings’ is a vibrant example of having one foot firmly planted on the ground (no matter the country), while the other foot dances and kicks to the sky (under which all nations live)."

March 2007 review of White Wings album by Johnny Mansson (Sweden)

Johnny Mansson is a music/cultural journalist based in Malmö, Sweden.
Please go to the link to read the review (in Swedish, English translation coming soon...)

The Dallas Morning News, (Texas, U.S.A.), Saturday July 22, 1995, Review of "Kindred Way Volume 2" CD (1995)

"This music is like Bruce Cockburn's, carrying a spirtuality that doesn't need the security of denominational definition. Yet, like Mr. Cockburn, the feel-good sweetness of less ambitous artists is avoided. Unafraid to contemplate loss as well as the miracle of creation..."
("Kindred Way Volume 2" can be ordered via

Positive Country, Page 6, May 1995 Review by Tom Carter, Review of "Kindred Way Vol. 2" CD (1995) (Nashville, TN. U.S.A.)

Review of third single release from JON STRIDER, 'Kindred Way Volume 2':
"An unforgettable collection of country story tunes set in a backdrop that you can appreciate for its charm and creativity is precisely the contents of Jon Strider's newest single "Oh Daddy". The third in a string of popular tunes from this innovative musician. "Oh Daddy" shoots straight from the hip and leaves a wonderful impression of where true affection is found. "Memory Train" and "Straight Talkin' Machinery" are the forerunners..."

DISC/claimer by highly respected Nashville music critic, Robert K. Oermann, Music Row, (Nashville, TN. U.S.A.) April 8, 1995 pg

"Magna-Day!. I think I've found someone in this stack of CD's who bears watching. His name is Jon Strider. As a triple-threat songwriter, singer and producer, he easily captured this issue's DISC-overy Award. Thank you for your attention.
...Strider is on the right track with this "Memory Train"*. Extra points for production imagination."

(...*Memory Train was the
first single released from the "Kindred Way Vol. 2" CD..."

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