Spotlight on Strider Songwriting Collaborators

Jon has always felt that songwriting was a calling, a spiritual act. Creating with fellow songwriters has always been a joyous process. This webpage will slowly, but surely, bring these special "songmates" to light...
Kim discovered me in L.A., in his huge stacks of cassettes, back in 1980 or thereabouts. He said he listened to every demo submitted to him and I believed him. He was super thorough and tremendously energetic! He almost produced my first record, but the financing didn't come through (and THAT'S a story....) Instead, we wrote a batch of songs together. I am thankful that he let me into his orbit for awhile. I learned alot from him. Underneath his wacky personal style was a very kind man. A true, legendary original. A feature film came out in 2010, about The Runaways (who Kim produced) that featured an actor playing Kim. I'm really happy that some well deserved "public" recognition came to him in that last stage of his life. Go to i think his Facebook page can still be liked...
FOWLEY/STRIDER songs on these CD's:
Strider...Steps Out (1990)

I met Michael in Nashville in 1997. He was a founding member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils (their biggest hit was 'Jackie Blue'). He now has a band called Supe and Sandwiches. The last time I saw him live he reminded me of Daffy Duck. Totally entertaining. He also just wrote an autobiographical book 'It Shined'. It's a saga about OMD that I just read and thorougly enjoyed. We co-wrote 'Best of Both Worlds' in roughly 20 minutes. The song clocks in at 1:54. I love short songs! Go to He has video's and CD's available and the new book.
GRANDA/STRIDER songs on these CD's:
White Wings (1990/New Sky Records)

"...Annika and I crossed paths in September 2005 at a Brett Perkins songwriter retreat on Samsoe Island off the west coast of Denmark. She is a very accomplished Swedish performing singer-songwriter and recording artist who resides on the island of Gotland. Brett gave us a songwriter assignment to go outside on a beautiful summer's day and write a song. Annika and I definitely delivered the goods with 'SUMMERSONG' which she included on her 'Fireflies' album (released in 2010).
Everytime I hear the song I relive that day and the joyful, ease that went into its creation. Annika hosts the Living Room Concert Series which she has most graciously made me a part of over the last several years.
I'm a big fan of her, and her music. Check her out at Download SUMMERSONG for free there.
FEHLING/STRIDER songs on these recordings:
---'Fireflies' (2010) Artist: Annika Fehling, "Summersong"
Label: Rootsy/Warner, Track 3
---'Glimra' (2013) Sommarsång* (single), Artist: Glimra Label: Rootsy (*Annika's Swedish translation of Summersong.) 3 months on Swedish National Radio P4.

(co-founder, with Jon, of theOfferingband)
"I met Vera in Malmö, Sweden the month of 9/11 in 2001. I had no idea she'd become one of my main song collaborators at the time. We've had a love story and we've had a lot of other stories, a lot of growth together. This evolution swims through our co-written songs. Vera's an amazing singer, a channel and a visionary. It's never a dull moment to be, or to write songs, with her. We just finished our first album together "Meet theOfferingband" (Spring 2008), and are working on our next."
RENELLA/STRIDER songs on these CD's:
theOfferingband 'The Offering' (2005/New Sky Records)
theOfferingband 'Prayers For Peace' (2006/New Sky Records)
theOfferingband 'Meet theOfferingband' (2008/New Sky Records)
theOfferingband 'Leah's Flame' (2009/video)
theOfferingband 'Hey World' (2009/video)

"Jane and I crossed paths in 1987 in Los Angeles. There is definitely some magic in this songwriting team. Jane explodes with creativity. She is the first steady collaborator I teamed up with. I learned alot from her and her husband at the time, Frank Franconne, and her second husband, engineer/producer and guitarist, Robert Tucker.
Jane and I still write songs together even though we're oceans and continents apart. "

GETZ/STRIDER songs on these CD's:
Jon Strider 'Strider...Steps Out' (1990/New Sky Records)
Jon Strider '2000 Calling' (2000/New Sky Records)
Jon Strider 'White Wings' (2006/New Sky Records)


"Walter represents a very happy time in my creative life. In 1993 I had just bought all this fantastic recording equipment for my Pacific Songworks recording studio in West L.A. and was just beginning to put it to work. Walter came from a journalistic backround and wanted to write songs. I produced, arranged and co-wrote a wonderful batch of songs with Walter. I also ended up singing most of them. We worked with an amazing line up of some of L.A.'s best musical talent. Walter was truly a joy to work with..."

BURCH/STRIDER songs on these CD's:
Kindred Way Vol. 2 (1994), Kindred Way Vol. 1 (1993), The Offering (2005)
"I met Jonathan and painter Lila Graves in Alexander City Alabama in 1993 while touring with Kindred Way. Jonathan's mom was in the audience and thought there might me some way I could help her son. I remember leaning on the hood of Kindred Way's shiny, bright yellow, 57 Chevy with the mayor of the city drinking beers waiting for Jonathan and Lila after a Veteran's Day concert. Jonathan and Lila showed up quite late. I was just about ready to leave. They did finally show and I immediately liked them both. This led to Jonathan coming out to my studio in L.A. and doing a solo album, "Healing Power". We co-wrote songs for that album (which was released in 1994). The song 'White Wings' is about some serious health challenges Lila went through. It was really a productive, fun project. Also Jonathan and I planted 300 trees up on our farm west of Portland, Oregon. Dug a LOT of holes togethers. Other stories I will restrain myself (for now anyway) from telling...Cool stuff..Great times..."
STRIDER/BLOOM songs on these CD's:
Jonathan Bloom 'Healing Power' (1994/Sunflower Records);
Jon Strider '2000 Calling' (2000/New Sky Records) ;
Jon Strider 'White Wings' (2006/New Sky Records)
"I met Steve in the early 1990's at Western Beat in West Hollywood. He played guitar with George Thorogood for 8 years on the East Coast and later played in the Sacred Hearts (the house band of the House of Blues, Hollywood). I love the tasty and compositional way he plays. Always the right note in the right place. He's also a great human being and we have remained in contact since I've been here in Europe.
So far in our collaboration Steve has been the lyricist and I've been the music guy. We've written two great songs together "Daddy's Comin' Home" and "Recipe For Trouble". Looking forward to more writing with him. Last but not least, Steve (and another fantastic guitarist I worked with, Kevin Dukes) could make my dog Max howl. He'd be asleep in front of the Marshall and Fender stacks and when the guitar solos got really good he just had to sing out too..."

STRIDER/CHRISMAR songs on these CD's:
Jon Strider 'Fresh Tracks' (2010/New Sky Records)
"Max was a stunningly beautiful Akita dog that I shared 8 years with 24 hours a day. He's credited and pictured on several of my CD's. We'd hop in my 1983 Ford Ranger pick-up truck and head off to the studio everyday for 10 years (1990 to 2000) in L.A. He'd sit at my feet when I was at the recording console. He guarded the studio with his Darth Vader barking. Sometimes he was over-protective and scared people. One thing I knew for sure was that he loved me. He died in my arms in the year 2000, allowing me to move to Europe. Haven't had a dog since. I know he's going to come back to earth as a fun-loving, super successful record producer!"
"I met Andreas on a bus going South to Malmö, Sweden from Oslo,Norway on the morning of Christmas Eve 2002. A 20’ish guy sitting in the left front row with a guitar neck stuck out over the top of his seat. I leaned around and introduced myself. We hit it off almost immediately. By 2005 we’d co-written over 20 songs. Really excellent pop songs that were recorded by his band, The Hole Company and produced by Eivind Scovdahl and Kenneth Lewis. I love the Hole Company. Andreas and I keep in contact. We’ve enjoyed Norwegian radio success with 'Apple Pie Song' and now I've recorded it as a single. Go to for the whole scoop and to hear some of our co-written Hole Company songs..."
STRIDER/HOLE Catalog on these CD's
The Hole Company 'The Hole Company' (2006/Play It Records)
Jon Strider 'Fresh Tracks' (2010/New Sky Records)

Bob, is a very talented producer/singer-songwriter, who had a pop record deal in L.A. and then decided to go into a country direction. I met him when I was recording with Kindred Way Records back in the mid 1990's. Bob and his wife, Rachelle, lived near me in West L.A. A block or so away. Could walk right over there and write some really fun country rock songs. I'm happy that I've finally gotten a chance to record some of them. "Good Ol' Boy Gone Bad" and "Workin' Is For People That Don't Know How to Fish" will be on my February 2010 release on New Sky Records. Bob and Rachelle moved to Nashville in 1998 and have remained there, happily.
STRIDER / McGILPIN catalog on these CD's:
Jon Strider 'Fresh Tracks' (2010/New Sky Records)

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