Songs about Love and its variations...

words & music by Jon Strider
If I told you that I'd give you
All the stars up in the sky
And the mountains and the oceans
All my days until I die
Oh, how would it feel?
To have someone find in you
Love Is Real
And when you tell me that you love me
And you'll never let us part
I can tell the way you say it
That it's coming from your heart
Woh, oh how it feels
To have someone find in me
Love Is Real, Love Is Real
I can feel___ Oh yes I can!
My friends say "You better watch your step boy.
We ain't never seen you quite like this before."
People get burned, that's the only way they learn
Hearts on fire, and they're burnin'
Burnin' with desire___
So I'm throwing all my logic, and my caution, to the wind
I'm so happy we're together, I've finally given in
Woh, oh how it feels
To shout out loud I believe!
Love Is Real...
(c)2016 Pacific Songworks
Track 3, and first single, off the SOUL REUNION ALBUM (November 2016) (New Sky Records)
words & music by Jon Strider
Drop the phone and the grocery list
I need your full attention
These are words you may not wanna miss
I really need to make you understand
I'm gonna be your forever man
So with this ring I've come to promise this
I will be True To You, True To You
I will be True To You, True To You
When I was lookin' in the wishing well
Saw your face and then I fell
Plain to see, you ring the bell for me
You stole my heart, now take my hand
We gotta ticket to the promised land
(I) thank the stars, a love like ours, can be
I will be True To You, True To You
I will be True To You, True To You
(...French Horn Solo)
Were we the ones they were thinkin' of?
Way back when they wrote the book of love?
Seems to me there's a page or three on us
I'm gonna take you to the rainbow's end
A faithful lover, a trusted friend
It's gonna be a happy ending

I will be True To You, True To You

(c)2016 Pacific Songworks
Track 6 on SOUL REUNION (New Sky Records) (2016)

Did you know that...
Jon formed his first band (a trio) when he was 11 years old in Berkeley, California The band became known as "The Universal Joint". The drummer was Afro American, the other guitar player was a Native American (Navajo). Jon played guitar and sang. The band had no bass player.

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First tracking days of 7th Jon Strider album at Studio Möllan June 2012