SOUL REUNION Testimonials

"Hey Jon! (SOUL REUNION) sounds great...been listening to it a bunch...great CD for when you are stuck in L.A. traffic...thanks again for letting me be a part of such a cool CD..." - SKIP EDWARDS, legendary L.A. keyboard session master and Hammond B3 organ player on Soul Reunion

"Jon, I'm listening to your CD. It's a masterpiece!" - Måns Williamson

"Man, that 'Love Is Real' is a beautiful song! Listened to a few others...and they all sound great!..." - Tommy Dunbar of The Rubinoos

"('Strong In Spirit' is ) my favorite track of the album. Simply brilliant song! " - Per Påsa Andersson

"(SOUL REUNION is) just wonderful" - Sabina Chantouoria

"Världens Bästa Jon" - Amir Aly

"So many beautiful songs, it never ends..." - Angelo Graziano

"A strong new CD by Mr. Jon Strider in a lovely, soulful, gospel style! Must be heard!" - Björn Söderqvist

"Your new album (SOUL REUNION, is your) best yet!" - Anne-Mette Thorsberg

"Awesome finest Jon Strider" - Sandra Marielle

All about The Making of SOUL REUNION

The production team of Jon Strider & Emil Isaksson started tracking SOUL REUNION in June 2012 at Emil's Studio Möllan, in Malmö, Sweden. Since 1989 Jon had been doing these "Rhythm n' Folk" and (later on) "Retro-rockin' Country with a Blues & Rhythm Twist" solo records. On SOUL REUNION he wanted to emphasize a very important part of his musical influences, which were R&B/pop, soul and gospel music. He decided to jump the country/Americana ship on this album. A hiatus from what was becoming very popular in Sweden*. (*His classic "anti-trend" timing...) SOUL REUNION was about Jon coming full circle in himself, musically and personally. This was the album his mom probably always wanted him to make (she hated country music...). She passed away right before Jon started tracking SOUL REUNION It's quite possible that event triggered him to finally take on the task.

The first basic tracks were layed down at Studio Möllan on June 4, 5 & 6 (2012), with the always brilliant, and inventive, Maciej Szymczynski, on bass; and the groove-meister Rasmus Svensson on drums. Jon played piano and sang along on these sessions, mainly to provide a "guide track" and a "vibe" for Maciej and Rasmus to play along with. Emil Isaksson was the recording engineer. Rasmus, the studio dog, was, as always, overseeing the whole thing from his control-room based, blanket covered basket.

Between June 8 and June 11, 2012. Jon tracked acoustic piano in Studio Möllan's tile room on the red upright piano that's depicted on the back cover of Soul Reunion.

Jon's Lead vocal tracking occured on July 5th and 6th and on October 4th and some other days in 2012. ( be continued...)

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Jon Strider, St. Gertruds, Malmö, Sweden May 29, 2008